The Gotham Philadelphia Is One Of The Best Adventures Place

These days many people are looking for adventure as they feel bored by staying at a particular place. For them, the gotham philadelphia is the best place as here you will get top class service that can help you get desired fun. You may love to visit here again and recommend others to do so. But if you are going to visit here, then there are many things that you have to keep in mind. These are the rules of The Gotham Philadelphia.

Policy for being late
You have to arrive here 10 minutes prior so that it will be easy to do sign-in and start the adventure. You have to be very punctual, and they can only accept the delay of 10 minutes, else you will be out of the list and for the game you have to book again because your payment will be forfeited. The reason behind this is the tight schedule as they have a long list of customers, and if you make a delay, then indirectly, their schedule will be changed. If you understand the rules properly, then this may not cause any problem.
Age Policy for Lust and Lace
For this, you must be at the age of 18 or older; else they will not permit your entry. But if you are under age and want to visit here, you can go to Chamber of Horrors, Sleeping Spirits, Ultimate Heist, Game of Stones, and The Mystery of Doctors Frankenstein.
Final words
If you plan to the gotham philadelphia but unable to visit at the booked time, you can reschedule your booking within 24 hours. But it is recommended to visit at the scheduled time to not face any issue. For further information, you can visit the official site to get in-depth details of the rule.