How to start the interior decoration of your house

House is a place where you spend most of the time of your life. But there is a time when you have to leave your favorite for sake of studies, job or other missions of life. But still comparatively you have spent the most beautiful years of life. You have the most beautiful memories attached to each and every corner of your house. So, it is your utmost wish of your life to decorate the place where you have grown up. The size of this wish keeps on increasing with time. While you were a kid, the first time you were allotted a room of your own, it gave you a feeling of possession. And the first thing that came into your mind was that how could you decorate this room in the way you dreamt of. Same is the case with home improvement. Every one has a dream house in his mind and he wants to decorate his present house according to his dream house. But this home decoration is no more a simple thing now, rather it is a separate field now and you might have to take help from some experts in order to do it. But in this article, we will give you some tips about where to start your interior decoration.

The starting point
This is the first and the most difficult question which arises in our mind when we think of decorating our home interior. As the interior of the house comprises of several parts like doors, roof, windows, walls etcetera so where you should start? In fact, walls are the best places where you should start this decoration. There are several reasons behind this choice including the reason that most of the area of the interior of your house is covered by the walls and their decoration will be most visible to anyone who enters the house.